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Give me just 10minutes of your time and i will amaze you with my long kept secret i used in netting N100,000 - N1,000,000 through car importation business. If you are planning getting a Tokunbo car (Foreign Used Car) soon or you wish to know how to profit from helping others to buy Tokunbo Cars, sit well and read this piece to the last word.

Cotonou, Republic of Benin is a place you must be ready to explore for car importation business. There are over 20 Auto parks in Cotonou with more than 5000 WHITE MEN bringing in cars from across Europe, Asia and America down to Cotonou's AUTO PARKS to sell to west African customers. The government policies in Republic of Benin made it possible for WHITES to abode in there and dwell in car importation from their various destinations and sell right in Cotonou to West African customers (Nigeria is one of their major buyers of cars)

80% of Nigerian car dealers import their cars from Cotonou and sell to you in Nigeria while making huge profit. Most annoying is the fact that many of them buy demurrage cars and fix and repaint them and sell to you. No wonder your car start having faults merely after a year of buying.


It's time to learn from the Cotonou Car import expert.

Watch this first. Videos don't lie...


I recorded the above video about 6 months ago when i went to Cotonou to buy my Hummer Jeep. Below is the Pictures of The jeep at Cotonou before i bought it.

And when it was bought, you will see it's picture in my hood in subsequent pictures below. In fact, if you are my friend on facebook, you should have seen me posted different pictures of my Monster.


I saved N1,000,000...

I save roughly N1,000,000 buying my HUMMER from Cotonou than what i would have paid in Nigeria to acquire the exact jeep. The Naija one self might me inferior to the one i bought over there.


My Dad saved over N150,000 too

God bless my Dad. He's the one that taught me about car importation from Cotonou. He bought his first car from Cotonou as far back as 1995. That's 20years ago. The first time ever i had a live and practical experience of Importing from Cotonou was under his tutelage. That's over 7years ago. We went to buy a VOLKSWAGEN GOLF car.

As usual, when i went with him to buy this jeep about a year ago, he saved over N150,000 buying directly from Cotonou and thereby cutting off the profit of the Nigerian car dealers.

that's the jeep right in my Dad's compound when it landed in Nigeria barely a week after buying from Cotonou and acquiring all the necessary Customs papers at Idi-iroko border.


Again, I saved roughly N400,000 on this...

I recently acquired a Nissan Murano (2005) Jeep for my birthday and as usual, i saved roughly N400,000 buying from Cotonou to buying from Nigerian Car dealers. Are you skeptical about this, see the pictures...

That's my Murrano among other cars at the stand of the Oyinbo (White man) that sold it to me in Cotonou.

Here is a closer shot of my MURANO in the market at Cotonou before i paid for it and get it driven down to Nigeria with all custom papers handy.

That's it right in my Dad's compound. All cars in this compound were all bought directly from Cotonou. I have personally bought 3 different Jeeps and a car (Honda Accord; babyboy) directly from Cotonou in less than 3years and i have saved over N1.8million in all. Good enough, i have never had issues with the car or security agencies (i clear my cars legally and never allow my cars smuggled into Nigeria). I acquire all my Custom papers.


The cars are SUPER CLEAN

One good thing i love about cars from Cotonou is the fact that you take your time to look for a super neat car that suit your taste. Most Nigerian car dealers don't go for this. The would rather go for a fairly need car and do a bit of repair on it to make it good looking to you.

If you personally buy your car from Cotonou, you will be able to select the great looking cars. There can be as much as 5dozens of your choice car at a single AUTO PARK. You've got choices.


There Are Several Thousands To Choose From

The image above is one of the pictures i took during one of my visits to Cotonou to buy a car. It's just a fractional part of one of the compounds in an AUTO PARK. In an auto park, there can be as much as 40 different compounds.

feed your eyes with my randomly taken snap shots at Cotonou.

Feed your eyes....

feed your eyes...

The Lies You've Been Told

It amazes me when some people who doesn't have any experience about something keeps misleading others. They even do it in an authoritative way that makes you think wow!...

This person knows the secret behind this business. lol

You must have heard stuffs like...

Cars from Cotonou are stolen cars

Cars from Cotonou doesn't have custom duty

Cars from Cotonou are smuggled into NIGERIA

Cars from Cotonou are against the law.

These misinformation make me laugh and laugh till i fall of my chair. How can people circulate false information of this magnitude and others also gullibly take it hook, line and sinker.


Cars from Cotonou are not stolen Vehicles. White Men are given opportunity of importing used cars from Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world and sell at the Cotonou car markets. Yes! When you buy cars from Cotonou, you buy directly or indirectly from the WHITE men from the advanced Countries of the World who do business in Cotonou.

Idi-iroko border, Ogun state or Seme border, Ogun state are the entry point for cars being imported From Cotonou and it's at this point that Custom Duty of the car is acquired after paying the necessary fees. I personally clear my Cars at Idi-iroko border of Ogun state command. I am a law abiding Nigerian. 

It's true that some people who wants to escape paying custom duty pay some token to drivers who help them smuggle the car into the country without paying the custom duties. I do not do this.

So, let the fact be clear.


You Can Make Money

Acquiring this knowledge can make you a virtual car dealer and help you make good income helping friends, family, co-workers, neighbours etc acquire their choice cars from Cotonou.

Yes! You need a copy of my A-Z of Car Importation From Cotonou



before you place your order, be assured you are getting value for your money.


The REVIEW copies have been given to over 20 people and here are what they've got to say about this mind-blowing and well compiled practical a-z tutorial...

I posted this on facebook....

And REVIEWS from those who were privileged to have first access to the guide came pouring like wild fire. The review is 100% POSITIVE. I have never seen any product with a whooping 100% positive reviews before... This is phenomenal.


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How To Place Your Order

So, maybe you should pay N25,000 for this priceless informational guide; A - Z  of Car Importation from Cotonou, Republic of Benin.


    No No No No No No...

You will not pay that much. You wouldn't even pay...






You will only have to pay N7,500

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In the mail, specify your; Name, Email, Phone number and bank paid into.

Your copy of my A-Z of car importation guide will be delivered to your email within few hours of confirming your payment. Usually before the end of the day.

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